Standing with CBSE's decision of re-examination

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The following a bit lengthy to read , but actually explains why this decision of CBSE is right .

If u r with me in this ... Help me file a petition .. for cbse ... Not to change their decision bcoz of these rather meaningless excuses when considered for the future of this generation and thus this country .. Also ... These excuses which are generally given by the students who had the advantage of the leaked ppr n thus don't want this to get cancelled .. n no sincere scorer would reject this re-exam as this is their right to equal opportunity !! 1. with equal oppurtunities / resouces .. he/she could've scored even better. 2. The students benefited by these resources and hence fighting for the cancellation of re-exam are generally the avg. scorers and who weren't supposed to score this high with it n also .. the ones who will now be scoring higher than the confident people who constrained themselves from these imp quests n sample papers flowing around and had confidence to prepare themselves !! So .. this is an either losing situation for them .. hence I personally assure that these aren't the sincere scorers . Thus , cbse should not change its decision even if the repeated request or protest of this majority ... Which CLAIMS NOT TO HAVE RECIEVED THIS LEAKED PAPER !!!