CBSE should provide priviledge to students who are in class 10 in 2017-18 academic session

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Due to re establishment of class 10 board exam and changing syllabus the students are getting dissapointed as they do not get time for other activities like enriching their hobbie or playing games etc.  which affects their all round development and the affect is mostly on students who are in class 10 in 2017-18 academic session.

Only class 10 students suffered the most as it was their first board exam and was with full syllabus and on top of that from next year syllabus is going to be reduced due to which class 10 students are feeling very unfortunate as all the changes in assesment and exam pattern is affecting their grades..

One suggestion is that the education ministry should provide priviledges in government jobs to students who appeared in 2018 class 10 board exams as till previous session there was sememter system and for them it was the first time to attend a full syllabus paper due to which they were very stresed out as it was quiet un usual for them so there should be some priviledges in government jobs for them so their hardwork gets paid off...