Reconsider before Re-conducting X Maths and XII Economics CBSE Board Exam

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The CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION has done a marvellous job this year during the 2018 Xth and XIIth board exams.
The Xth students wrote their maths exam on the morning of 28th March and mid-afternoon comes the news that the paper has leaked and a retest is to be conducted.
Similarly, XIIth students wrote their Economics exam on 23rd of the March and all their books were making their way on OLX and to their juniors and lo, you can make a guess, the paper was definitely leaked
The board is still in denial that it happened as per some news articles but has released an official statement that both the exams will be conducted.
This was for public info
Now as a student, my rant shall begin. Keep reading.
I am a student of class XII myself and was pretty relieved on 23rd because I had already made plans for reading 3829191 books, meeting a few friends and start watching a new tv show.
So basically, the flow of wanting to study had discontinued obviously and got "concerned" messages from distant family about the retest just fuelled my frustration. Neighbors and friends approached me and consoled me as if I had lost someone and frankly, it annoyed me but that's how serious and bad this is
You had one job CBSE, maintain the sanctity and integrity and credibility of the board of education. And it would is safe to say that you haven't done a really great job as it is.
If the paper was leaked, should you investigate and not let it happen in the future or just torture 2.8 mil kids and make them study again. All over again. Its pure torture and I'm not even exaggerating it. This is what is going to happen on the retest, 273929 cops, checking every pocket and pouch and delays, how lovely.
I had given up all hope and decided not to study as hard for the retest which I think is unfair, discouraging, preposterous and very disheartening. If you're tweeting about it from an AC room somewhere, don't. Don't say you are saddened or disheartened because I doubt you understand the situation we are in.  We have already started giving our all to entrance exams, be it CLAT or SETS or JEE or any other standardised stress box of books which comes as a free load on every student, this is very much not the need of the hour.

If you still have the audacity to tell us to be stress free and treat exams like a festival and celebrate it, you will to be blamed for the number of depression cases in students this year. We have fallen victim already, congratulations.

Sign this petition to show your support that this retest of maths and economics is a sick and illogical idea for those who actually burned the midnight oil studying. We are 2.8 million, against the government, do the math. We have the power of having one very strong and powerful motive and stress and frustration too. Angry teens, 2.8 million of them are never to be underestimated.
Sign if you are a student or a parent or a supporter and a lover of justice and share so that everyone can empathise and show their support and get us some relief.