CBSE class 12 term 1 maths set 4 paper

CBSE class 12 term 1 maths set 4 paper

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Started by Gaurav Gupta

With profound dismay, I, parent of an academically brilliant child who has been performing consistently throughout her studies, would like to bring to notice the anomaly in CBSE Term 1 Class 12 Maths examination (Paper code: 065/1/4, set no.4).

The paper was tough, tricky, extremely lengthy and in some areas, out of syllabus. Children had to struggle to even attempt the entire question paper and finally left half of the paper. The pattern too was different than the sample papers forwarded by CBSE before exams. Time and again CBSE had issued advisories to study NCERT syllabus/books and accordingly schools also have changed the teaching patterns. However, it is noticed that the standard of questions is much tougher and to the level of engineering and other competitive exams. The testimony from children all across the country is unanimous as some teachers and principals did also mention same in various social media sites. This has left children demotivated and they have lost the zeal to perform well in rest of the papers.

It is understood that this set was relatively tougher than the other sets. There was no rational and level playing platform between the different sets. Eventually, the children who got this set in term 1, would score less marks in comparison to their peers who got comparatively easier sets or even to other State/ICSE boards. The repercussions will be seen in the final score at the end of term 2 exams. The ripple effect would be evident when these affected children will apply to universities/colleges which give weightage to Class 12 marks and would finally lose the race. 

CBSE authorities should give a fair and just chance to these children by devising a procedure to compensate the loss by making the evaluation liberal or resorting to similar evaluation method as done last year i.e considering the marks of school internals.

I therefore request all to join the petition and make it succesful so that authorities take a note of it

1,000 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!