Raise voice against people opposing CBSE 10th maths re-exam & make CBSE conduct exam soon.

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I am a student of class 10th studying under CBSE. I saw the update regarding the re-exam date of class 10th maths paper, the details stated that the re-exam is not certain to happen and even if re-test takes place then it will be conducted in the month of July and only in Delhi-NCR.

This led to a rise of multiple questions in me and every honest student appearing in the 10th boards examination for the government, CBSE and media:

1) What is point of CBSE conducting an exam in the month of July? Would the student focus on his studies at that time or fear the upcoming maths exam. Exams are not a joke, if CBSE don't want to have a retest then it must clearly state it rather than students to live in the tension of exam so that CBSE and the whole HRD ministry can excuse themselves.

2) Why is the CBSE not yet confirmed about conducting the re-exam? Do they think that the paper wasn't leaked at all despite seeing solid evidences. This conveys a clear message that the people involved in the scam are forever free to do so and each honest student's efforts shall go in vain who gave the exam honestly and the one who cheated may prosper and succeed.

3) The CBSE stating that the exam will take place only in Delhi NCR means that the CBSE thinks the paper was only lead in Delhi and nearby NCR region only whereas when we say that paper was circulated through WhatsApp, it could be sent to any state or country with in seconds.

4) Even after being informed by Chandu Kumar a student of class 10th, the paper on 28th of March was nor cancelled neither postponed and he was treated as a criminal by the police.

Parties are playing politics and no one is concerned about us students. People are protesting against re-exam so that the ones who leaked the paper gain an unfair advantage over us.

Why let your AIR go down and failures and cheaters top the exam!!!!

I hope you all understand and correspond to the grievances faced by the student of India.

This clearly is a situation of dilemma which has put the whole nation in vain. Thus help us  to sign this petition and make a change.

Nobil Gautam