CBSE please cooperate with us: Let's not make examination procedures stressful and fearful

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Examination is all about peace of mind and not harassment for certain. I would like to come up with few instances below :

*  Disastrous CBSE Mathematics 12th paper (2015,2016) and difficult Physics 12th paper (2016).

* Abrupt decision changes regarding scrapping of moderation policy, in spite of making unusual papers every year.

* A girl being asked to remove her bra in NEET 2017. Was this seriously instructed in the NEET 2017 Bulletin?

There are many other instances to come up with, but let's give the eye on these instances.

To sum up with, this is an earnest request to honorable CBSE and MHRD to give students time to cope up with every changes you bring about. Random decisions are actually stressing out the students : an emotionally and physically fit student ought to perform better for certain! Academics must not create a sense of terror into students, rather they must take them with a smiling face, and this is what we expect CBSE to change.