Strict Enforcement of CBSE Question Paper Protection Schemes

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I can attest to the fact that Accountancy paper of 2017-18 was leaked. Many students asked me some random questions on the morning of the exam and naive as I was, I didn't know that these were the questions that would be coming in my exam. 

Does the fact that everyone is getting served on the platter, while I'm burning the midnight oil, make me mad? Absolutely. Does it make me want to retake the exam? No. The torture and the anguish I suffered the first time was enough. The innocent students, who didn't partake in this, shouldn't suffer. 

The fact that I can say with certainty that the paper was leaked makes me anxious. People can be seen selling question papers on the roadside. I always rubbished their claims that they had the question papers, but now, I'm not so sure. 

I request the CBSE officials to follow strict guidelines themselves and look into the leaking of question papers that happens almost every year. You are playing with our future by turning your heads elsewhere and calling a reality "a mischief". 


Yours sincerely,