No offline exams for CBSE !!


No offline exams for CBSE !!

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Zeel Patel started this petition to Students and

If we can study online then why not evaluation can de done online?

Why can't the government listen to our problems.?

Why is marks and exams are prioritized than education or health?.

The situation in India is getting worse day by day!!

The Corona Virus is mutating with even more danger than before and this time it is 10 times more dangerous than exactly what it was 1 year before.

When there were only a few cases in the country they cancelled the remaining board exams And now when the situation getting worse the government organized offline boards exam.
what about students safety?
Most of the Students are not even prepared mentally to give offline exams after everything being done everything online for this academic year.

This is not at all easy and in fact it is risky for students to go to schools for giving their exams.

SSC and HSC students protests are going on in different parts of Maharashtra. Students from cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur came on streets to demand online exams for class 10 and 12. #wecandoitonline

Are they doing anything wrong ??

NO, Right!! Its our right to let the government know what we want.

I urge the education ministry to look into this matter and some serious action needs to be taken on this I urge you all to plz support and share this msg as much as possible students. Here is the time we have to stand for our justice and raise our voice to show our problems and genuine reasons to cancel offline boards exam.

We will either give exams online or cancellation of exams for at least class 10 #studentwantjustice


This petition made change with 150 supporters!

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