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This is with regards to the Economics Board exam held by CBSE on 26th of March,2018.

There was an alleged leak, through which the economics paper was circulating on whatsapp at 9:30 am in a place near Gurgaon. They denied it at first, but now have passed a statement on their website regarding a re-exam who’s dates will be revealed a week later.

First of all, CBSE has one job,which they’re not able to do.Secondly, Re-Scheduling an exam for the whole country,doesn’t make sense to anyone. There are so many students and families,who have made prior arrangements, Trips around the nation,abroad for their much awaited holiday. Will they compensate for the huge losses faced by everyone?

Thirdly, Everyone who had boards was waiting for them to get over to start their application processes and preparing for entrances. This will hamper this as well,students will be forced to prioritise one thing.

Lastly,  the psychological burden faced by students across the nation who have worked their ass off throughout the year, have to do it again due to a few official corrupt people?Were talking about millions of students who poured their hearts out studying honestly.

Do they deserve this?Was it their fault they were born in a corrupt society?