GRACE Marks In Accounts Paper .

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The Accounts board paper of class 12 is full of Mistakes or we can say it's misprint . As it not the fault of students it is from your side .(cbse)


Mistakes .

1) In TheThe Retirement Question , provision for bad debt was to be increased by rs1500 .Actually ITS NOT BY - it's TO . Because of This Balance sheet does not match .Asset side is not equal to liablity side .WASTAGE OF TIME .ANSWER IS COMING IS POINTS .AS A RESULT PAPER GET LENGTHY AND STUDENT COULD NOT COMPLETE PAPER ON TIME .

2) The RECIPT AND PAYMENT ACCOUNT is not in syllabus and also not taught by teacher's in school . They started from question 2 of book .

3) In the profit and loss appropriation . I think There is mistake of giving date of loan . (Partner loan) . Due this INTREST ON LOAN IS CALCULATED WRONG ..

4) How the students prepare Realisation Account on Question of Retirement .

We do not expect This follish mistake in this serious type of paper which are going to make our future.