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The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court had ordered the CBSE to grant 196 marks — four marks each for 49 erroneous questions — in the Tamil version of this year’s NEET. Passing the orders on a public interest litigation petition, the High Court directed the CBSE to consequently revise the list of eligible candidates and publish it afresh.

Following the decision, several institutions including Medical Council of India put their counselling and admission processes on hold, as the decision could lead to a change in the subsequent merit lists, which is unjustified.

The information bulletin of the NEET had said that in case of any ambiguity in the bilingual texts, the English version would be treated as final. The bulletin had clarified that “candidates opting for regional languages would be provided bilingual test booklets in selected regional languages and in English. In case of any ambiguity in translation of any of the questions, its English version shall be treated as final.”

All students are suppose to understand English Medium as no Medical college in India teaches or takes examination in any other language except English. So this contention is wrong.

Now with  24000 students getting additional 196 marks, all will pass and get better ranking than others.all of them will get seats....24000 students.What about the rest ?

What about the students who appeared in Tamil and from the correct questions as well could not pass the exam. Now with additional 196 marks all will pass.

The total marks for NEET are 720 and passing marks are 119. So with additional 196 marks, even fail students now will Pass AND not only that but will also get good ranking on all India basis.

There are very less medical seats. on all India Basis only top 8000 rankers can get admission in Govt colleges.Now they will all loose these seats. 

 Also the irony is some of the students  will get more than 720 marks. Yes with additional 196 marks some will get more than maximum marks. How will this be justified ?

This represents less than 2% of total students . What about the balance 98 % ? no one seems to be interested for the majority 98 %.

How somebody can give full marks to few students for 49 questions.If they want to give they should give to all students regardless of medium or locality.

One should examine how many Tamil medium students wrote NEET in Tamil and how many English Medium students wrote NEET in Tamil. Because last year NEET Question paper in Tamil were very easy as it is from state syllabus and that time translation problem did exist but none protested as it will be exposed & many English medium students wrote in Tamil got benefited. This time it is the common question paper and that is why all such issues. The apex body needs to consider all these aspects during hearing before SC and justice to prevail to the students who worked very hard for the NEET competitive examination to get admission.

 This judgement seems to be biased and now the fate of all medical aspiring students is hanging in air. This is giving stress to students and parents across the country as admission process has come to halt. The Supreme court should not hang the fate of balance 7 Lakh students.The decision of Madras High Court should be dismissed immediately.  

CBSE has acted wisely to go against this order of Madras High Court and has appealed in Supreme Court. We stand with this.