Moderation or spiking of marks for lengthy and tricky accountancy paper 2018

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The CBSE accountancy paper 2018 held on March 15 was tricky and lengthy as compared to sample paper released this year and previous year's paper.Moreover paper was LEAKED on "14 th MARCH" due to which some of the students were benefited. the paper was very tricky and lengthy and students were able to cope up in the given time .Few concepts were not their in the given textbooks(DK GOEL,T.S GREWAL) for ex. partner's loan accounts INCLUDING INTEREST,DEATH OF THE PARTNER IN BETWEEN MONTH,QUESTION REGARDING VALUATION OF GOODWILL.I request the authorities concerned to facilitate spiking of marks or moderation for students so that there is justice for all.Student's future  depends upon their marksheet  which could be ruined .So, I request you to facilitate students with 12 to 15 marks(moderation). I hope our plea would be heard.