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This petition has arisen because of the unorganised manner in which the CBSE BOARD has reacted towards the leak of the question paper of class 10 of mathematics subject . Due to the unfair means by whom held guilty , this question paper along with class 12th ECONOMICS exam was leaked , all 1.6 million (16 lakh ) students appearing for 10th board exams have been affected . Students had studied the whole year for this examination and wholeheartedly wrote their last maths exam on 28th of march and made plans for the holidays and for their forthcoming studies but an announcement made by Prakash Javadekar (HRD) shattered the students' dreams by asking for re-examinations to be held because "PM MODI WASN'T HAPPY" AND BECAUSE OF THEIR WEAK STRUCTURE IN DISTRIBUTION OF PAPERS . clearly someone from inside would've leaked it or by whom else , it doesn't matter . What does matter is that now we , all the students of standard 10 as well as 12 , need to stand together so that we can defeat the board's decision or to at least have it revised because it clearly isn't the students' fault but the board themselves'. The paper as they say , was leaked half an hour before the exams but how can kids solve a 3hr+ paper in 1/2 an hour is out of my peripherals . childrens' plans for the next 10-15 days are completely destroyed. students have no choice but to study for the next coming 15-20 days because of CBSE'S fault This decision clearly should be taken back . Students who stand along me please sign this petition . thanks for your time .


a Downhearted student of class 10