Maths 10th CBSE retest to be conducted in entire country

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I am a class 10th student from Visakhapatnam. On 28th of march 2018,we wrote our maths board exam. On the same day CBSE announced that they are holding a retest on maths paper due to paper leak. Initially we were very angry with the decision but later we understood that the retest is very important for the justice of the hardworking children. But recently there is another news that the retest Will only be conducted in Haryana region.

I would like to ask the board that whether they are sure and have proof that the paper has only leaked in Delhi. What the hell is board thinking???? First of all because of them the paper was leaked and now they are again taking leave a wrong decision by restricting the retest only to Haryana. I would like to ask the board whether this is justice, I would like to ask them whether justice is only for the students of Delhi.

 Many of our students have strong evidence that paper was also leaked in several other states. Just think if the paper is leaked in Delhi,can't it leak in other states. Are all the social media sites restricted to Delhi. So I want to ask u whether you have a strong proof and evidence that the paper was only leaked in Delhi. Can you assure us that the paper didn't leak in other states

Board please wake up. Retest is necessary for all states if not show your guts and give grace marks to everyone. If u conduct the retest only in Delhi then the rest of the students will be forced to take legal action.

CBSE you have to justify your actions and prove that justice lies everywhere.