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Started by concerned student

Good afternoon students and teachers.

As we come closer to the end of the year, the board exams are coming near as well. And to be honest, till now our schools have been online and many students have not studied nor paid attention or the teachers have not paid attention and not giving the attention we need. There is a lot of pending syllabus and that is why teachers of many schools and even my school are trying to go as fast as they could every day just so they can finish the syllabus and then put everything on the students to study.

The students are under an immense amount of pressure. Students are having anxiety, are being depressed and panicking, they don't know what to do, all they see is a dead end. This is our final year, all the students from here on will go to different cities, different countries and try to make their future. But the students of the 2021-22 batch are extremely scared about how everything is going. We cannot write the exam if it's offline as many students are at a loss due to the lack of attention and lack of discipline.

Students and teachers, we all have to come together especially the students, we all have to sign this petition together because we cannot do this, we are going to destroy our future if we write papers offline. We students are going to be judged by our marks in the future. Our parents, our relatives, for job applications, in some cases, for marriage proposals.

If we write the exams offline, our future is doomed. That's why we students and teachers are requesting the CBSE to make the Boards exam online, for the sake of us students and our futures.

Thank you.

166 have signed. Let’s get to 200!