Increase the number of days for evaluation of each bag as the specified time is too short.

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Dear friends,
We appeal to CBSE to increase the number of days for checking a bag containing 200 answer books of 3 sets.
Checking 200 papers in 7 days  between delivery and collection of sheets translates to approximately 5 days for actual checking after quarantining the bag for the bare minimum of 24 hrs. This means evaluating 40 answer books a day.

Under normal circumstances the evaluator is expected to check 20 papers of the same set in 8  hrs.

With other work to be done at home, with no help available due to lockdown evaluating for 16 hrs a day is actually impractical.

If u agree and feel that the CBSE should increase the number of days, please sign this petition and also share it with your friends for their support.