Revert to CCE Pattern for CBSE Grade 10th from 2018

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CBSE has been largely unsuccessful at conducting examinations for Grade 10th this year. The session 2017-2018 was the first session in which the CBSE Board Examinations were made mandatory for Class 10th. Firstly, students have to study a whole book or set of books to prepare for exams. Additionally, most schools have held two Pre-Boards with the full syllabus. As a Grade 10th student, I've had to study the same things since November of last year, and it becomes extremely monotonous. The interest is lost, and the desire for marks supersedes one's desire to learn. Now, imagine intensively studying for 6 days, and then having the very paper you were studying for get leaked due to a few people. It is saddening.

As a retest has been scheduled, it is very unlikely that it will be cancelled. But, we can take a step for the collective good of the future 10th grade students and strongly oppose this system. The previous CCE Pattern should be reintroduced for Grade 10th. If the Prime Minister of this country is willing to invest 1 lakh crore on the education system, I hope he takes steps to ensure that the CBSE syllabus is helpful to the students in real life.

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