CBSE: Change the grace marking and moderation policy in Board Exams from 2018, not 2017.

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As mentioned in this Hindustan Times article here: the Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to not give any grace marks and do away with moderation in this year's board examination results despite the lengthy Delhi region Mathematics, Physics and Accountancy papers.

Though the intent is to bring down the cut-offs for many national universities, it is worth noting that as not all state boards would be able to implement this starting this year (read: Kerala board), and thus other boards may be at a disadvantage. Moreover, changing the marking policy just a month before the results are announced will induce a lot of stress on students which will hamper their performance in college entrance examinations. This change in marking policy will also result in a greater parity in marks between the Delhi and All India regions this year, potentially putting students from the Delhi region at a disadvantage.

After the addition and removal of Problem Solving Assessment with our batch and then a sudden change in policy regarding Board Examination marks not being weighed against our J.E.E. score this year, it is unfair that our answer sheets would be marked differently from our peers who gave these examinations an year before us. Why has our batch been experimented with so much?

There are also students who are applying to universities abroad who might get their admission offers rescinded owing to lesser board percentages and not being able to deliver on their predicted scores. There are also students who took a gap year and thus have high percentages owing to the moderated marks awarded last year who will be competing with students from this year's batch for the same seats.

It is a humble request to C.B.S.E. and all the participating state boards to implement this policy starting next year, i.e for the 2017-2018 session, and not reflect this in the 2017 result at such short notice. I hope the board understands that the career of many students is at stake and takes into account the problems students will face due to this sudden change in policy.