Allow calculators in CBSE 12 ACCOUNTANCY board exam

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The CBSE 12 accounts paper carries 80 marks and the time allotted to students is 3 hours which has never seemed enough. Moreover, the questions are really long, time consuming and requires a lot of tedious mathematical calculations. The calculations reduce our speed and accuracy of the paper and we end up losing a lot of marks. 

The aim of the paper is to test our accounting abilities rather than mathematical abilities. 

With the introduction of Calculators, a lot of the above mentioned issues can be resolved. This will be a modernising step as only calculators are used everywhere, i.e. , in colleges or business firms, for all day to day work related to accounts. 

We have a large number of students in the Commerce department and we all are aware of the importance of 12th board results in our country. The batch of 2019-20 requests to make this change from this year so we can have amazing results free of mathematical errors.  

There are several other boards in the country giving the students the liberty of calculators in Accountancy paper and we would really appreciate to have the same. 

There are so many students with a really good mind and ability for accounts but are set back due to the long calculations in the paper. They need your help. 

Sign this petition to help us and the students of the coming years to achieve good results in Accountancy as it is such a major part of the Commerce stream and not let mathematical errors come in our way. 

We want to be heard and we cannot do it without your help.