Re-instate policy of RE-EVALUATION for CBSE students of academic session 2016-17

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This year the CBSE Results for class XII students have been a disaster. Huge discrepancies have been reported from around the country. There already was a huge controversy regarding the moderation policy just a few days prior to the announcement of results. Following that, when the actual results were announced, many students found themselves on the wrong side of CBSE's checking, with marks awarded to them much lower than expectations and also totally incongruent with their performances in school over the last two years. In Bhubaneswar, Odisha, a student has been marked 85 in English and single-digit scores in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Published writers and good orators have scored in 70s and 80s in English while some incomplete papers have scored in the 90+ zone. As if all this was not already enough, the CBSE, in October last year, had decided to scrap its policy of re-evaluation, and has decided to stand by its directive amid this huge crisis faced by tens of thousands, if not lakhs, of students. The only option available to the students is to ask for a verification or re-counting of marks, and if they are not satisfied with that, obtain a photo-copy of their answer scripts. But the problem is that these students can go nowhere with the photo-copies of their answer scripts because CBSE has closed its doors for the students.

This petition is directed to the CBSE as a plea to re-instate the policy of re-evaluation so that total justice can be done to the students whose futures have been put on hold due to the blatant irresponsibility of the examiners and the board towards careful and just evaluation. The only demand of this petition is that the CBSE must re-instate the policy of re-evaluation and ensure a speedy process for the same. A copy each of this petition will be sent to CBSE Chairman Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi, Honorable Minister of Human Resources Development Prakash Javadekar, and Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.