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Hello, I am a class 12 board going student (2020-21). Usually at this time of the year we all would have been preparing for our second unit test but unfortunately because of the COVID-19 pandemic we all are forced to sit inside our home and do our virtual learning with the help of Online Video Classes. The Government of India is trying their level best to control the pandemic and is trying to give as much ease as possible in each and every sector. I would like to raise a concern towards the Indian Government, the Education Ministry and the Central Board of Secondary Education that Online learning is a really good idea but for the board going students it is not at all helping and we cant afford to have physical classes in this situation.

Online learning is an innovative and is also the future but at this moment, all we hear when we wake up, turn on T.V, read newspaper is about CORONA VIRUS, which is totally distracting and for a student, we need a happy environment around us to grasp things easily. The problem we face during Online Learning is lack of proper connectivity, no proper communication and there are many types of students in class and the teacher has her/his own way of dealing with it. But this is not helping us at all.

What I want to say is calling off the academic year 2020-2021 will not be a bad thing, because if we continue with the online classes and if this does not help us and if we score less then there will be a lot of stress in the country and we the youth of India don't want such unfortunate happening to happen.

I as an independent person of India would like to have some attention of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji and the Education Ministry in this.

Yours Sincerely,

Indian Student