CBSE RE-EXAM should not be escalated in West Bengal Region.

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CBSE class 10 and class 12 exams are finished and every student was happy as a lot hell burden they had passed but after this news for question paper leak and Re-exam its a horrible phase for the students to give Re-exam they had work really hard and after this, these things happened made students losing their hope and losing confident as again same thing they are not willing to study and its really frustrating.

Its my story my brother has given exam of class 10 and the day of Maths exam he had studied really hard the emotions I have seen on his face before exam and after the end of exam was so intense , but the news he heard about retest has really made him depressed and he is losing confident now that next time may be it will be miserable exam. As we had our tickets booked for the vacation and a hard trauma now we are going through as i have taken leaves from my work my father has taken leaves from his work now we don't know what to do.

This was my story but i am damn sure this is a story of every student who has completed their exams, its unfair really and moreover there was no paper leak in West Bengal. So why students have to suffer , please dont suffer the students because they are the future.