CBSE Exam system failure... Why should students suffer...?!

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Class XII Economics paper was held on 26th of March 2018. Not many were aware of the paper being leaked and a denial of the leak of this paper as nothing was prominently said on any social media.  All of a sudden on 28th March 2018 a news flashed stating a re- exam for the same.  This came as a complete shock.   What was the board doing these two DAYS. Why should the students suffer at the hands of a dysfunctional,  non responsible,  ignorant system.  There were rumors of Accounts,  Biology paper leaks earlier.  Why did CBSE not take appropriate measures to eliminate the possibility of a paper leak in the subsequent papers.  Class XII is a turning point in a child's career.  Such incidents effects the entrance preparation and hence the career of the child is at stake as it leads to a lot of mental stress.  Re exam should therefore be scrapped.