CBSE English class 10 paper

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In the question paper of class 10 there was some mistakes namely
1. In question no 2
No related synonym was given in mentioned paragraph
2. In grammer rearranging question what does the word light signifies because it doesn't make sense
3. In literature question of 2 marks
It was asked to tell why Helen appear in bits and pieces but there was no given reason in NCERT literature reader
4. In literature question of 2 marks
It was asked what does I have something to expatiate signifies but there was no given word expatitate but there was expiate which create confusion since expatiate mean to write something in discribing manner
5. In question no eleven it was divided into two parts a and b and there was no or in between a and b so it seemed to student that they have to write both the answers since student have done only one novel they attempted that question for 5 marks

No corrections were given in between paper
Bonus marks should be given to students