CBSE award grace marks for 2017 Mathematics Board Exam

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After preparing to my fullest, practicing NCERT questions and other books many times, giving my 101 percent efforts along with conscientious hard work, I gave my CBSE MATHEMATICS BOARD Exam today, and came out Frustrated, Depressed, Demotivated and Crying that i was not able to complete it. Well, I was not alone, as almost all of the students were not able to attempt questions (of total marks at least 10-15) due to lack of time. I just want to ask you a one Simple Question i.e. WHY DO WE SUFFER EVEN AFTER PREPARING AND PRACTICING ALL QUESTIONS , TOPICS ETC , AFTER EVEN GIVING ALL OUR EFFORTS ????? I do not have anything to be regret of, because i prepared my best and gave my best even after being Demotivated , Frustrated in the last 15 min of the exam. But at the End Of The Day, I m not able to score , why , Just Because i was not able to complete the so called "Mathematics Question Paper" in the given 3 hours or i say 180 minutes or i should say most important 180 minutes of My Life which shall define my Future Career. Sir, Don't take me as being rude to u, but its all about knowing the answer ,to the question i asked, from you. Is the exam for checking our intelligence test , or for checking our writing speed? because if its for checking the Intelligence, then like the many others, i was also able to solve the questions on my own. then Why Should I study in the Colleges that i don't like and get Future Jobs at Low Salary, just because of the fact ,that i was not able to complete my exam ( of total marks at least 10) due to lack of time ? This exam made me so Demotivated that it may affect my coming exams too!!!.WHY SIR? WHY WE???. Here i've used "We" , not "I" , Because all students are facing it and all want the answer, to the same question, from you. Our future lies in ur hands. Although i believe in " a single sheet of exam can't decide my future" but in today's era, it can give at least the best platform/college to student to help him reach his dreams!! . WE ARE TOGETHER , AND WE WANT AN ANSWER, AN ACTION!!!