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CBSE 10th Board exam changes for 2017-18 from CCE and term system to annual system.

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CBSE was following CCE and term based education system till 2017.The CCE evaluation programme started in CBSE schools in 2009. The aim of CCE was also to cut down the pressure of examination on students appearing in board examinations first time and make them aware of smart work through out the year , which fetches good score

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CCE aims to make learning more interesting for students who are intellectually robust, lifelong learners with excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. India’s greatest asset in a competitive global economy is its young people who have acquired professional competence as part of the Indian system of education. We would like to widen this to reach out and bring in more learners into this fold.

But now annual system expects children to by-heart everything and  write the same only once in final exam to get marks. This is the worst methodology one can think off in 21st century.

So If Law makers want to change, Think properly about change, get opinion from concerned people and impacted stake holders and then bring about changes starting from 6th grade onwards.

Children who are already used to CCE system of education and  who are now going to 10th should not be put to sudden changes like this, as it is going to impact their future career, since 10th being one of the major turning point in their career. 

Hope people who brought this sudden change understands the young budding minds of these students and revert back this new annual system and bring about changes for those in 6th or 7th grade from this year. So that by the time they are in 10th they are used to this new system of education. 

Also such changes should be opened to public debate involving educators, students and  law makers then take a vote through online voting, weighing all pro's and con's. Then bring about change  slowly from a lower class so that students also can get accustomed to it.

So please support this petition to help those young minds and also to bring about a change in the way our leaders make rules in democracy going forward. 


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