Cancellation of reconduction of CBSE class 10th maths exam..

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Reconducted of exam !!

The very idea hit the psychology and emotions of the modern youth aspiring a "stress-free life"..

The last bell !! A satisfaction of surmounting the "hard-hill" type "Board Exams" especially for the students who faced it for the very first time...

"One more week " and just to study maths is affecting the mental status of the future of the country..ohh  !! Joke

We can't digest it...

CBSE is hiding its flaws and failure. Rather it should think of a stringent action against the culprits !!

Why should those students be affected who worked hard and finally relieved of the "Xam-Stress"

We can't afford to give another maths xam and just for the (CBSE's interest)..

It should rectify its flaws rather than blaming it on the aspiring generation.

"No Reconduction " is all that we want !!