Cancellation of CBSE compartment exams.

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What we want: Cancellation of compartment exams. 

Benefits of cancelling compartment exams:
•No added mental stress for students.

• No students, teaching and supporting staff put at risk. 

• No struggle of safely collecting and correcting additional exam papers. 

• No students wasting a year of their life due to low grades in one subject.

— If averages were taken for the exams that students couldn’t attend initially when the pandemic was less prevalent, surely averages can be taken in the case of compartment exams as well. Don’t hold them back just for one subject! 

A global pandemic, that we’re struggling to control, has taken over our lives. Due to the pandemic the exams will either be consistently postponed or will be held in unsafe circumstances. Even if safety measures are put together, these are students who have been out of school since before the initial board exams starting in FEB and have been out of educational reach for over 4 months. In such conditions it’ll be hard to secure their teachers from school, who’ll be busy educating the classes of other grades, and also hard to secure tutors and other such aid. Adding to that, NO STUDENT, is in the right environment or mental space to be taking up exams right now. Colleges will be unready to wait for so long as they’ve already postponed admissions for far too long. Please serve the students justice in such unpredictable times.