Cancel CBSE Class 10 Maths & Class 12 Economics Re-Exam

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The last Class 10 CBSE main subject exam ie Mathematics was conducted on 28th March, Wednesday. However, within an hour CBSE has announced a Re- exam as the paper was apparently leaked on Tuesday.

The same goes for the Economics Class 12 Exam which was conducted on Tuesday although CBSE initially denied it.

Students are shocked and dejected. Mathematics is difficult for many students and most of them were relieved to have finally given their last Mathematics paper. 16,00,000 students cannot be made to suffer just because of the Board's laxity in controlling paper leaks from the centres.

Students of Class 12 are also worried because they wouldn't have any time to prepare for entrance exams which are set to begin soon. The government had told students not to fear exams but this is a direct contradiction to their statement because the children are mentally exhausted and most feel they wouldn't do so well in the re-exam because of increased stress. We had worked extra hard as we thought it was the last exam and many of us were planning to take short vacations. Will CBSE refund our tickets? Will CBSE be able to mend our shattered expectations of scoring high in the original exam? Will CBSE be able to erase from the minds of millions of young children the disbelief in the education system? 

CBSE announced restart of Board exams for Class 10 from this year and so they have already been under a lot of of pressure giving continuous examinations. Many students feel that their hardwork is being undervalued.

A paper leak would have reached how many? 5? 20? 200 students? That counts for less than 0.0001% of the 2 million students who would have given the Economics and Maths Exams. We, the 99.9998% of the innocent children who have been working day and night and have given the exam with our hardwork and perseverance request CBSE to catch the perpetrators and stop punishing us. 

Thus, in the interest of the students, CBSE is requested not to conduct the exams again and instead ensure that this does not happen again.