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I'm a student of Class XII . One among the 16 lakh students who has to give the re-exam for economics. Well to begin with.. this isn't fair at all..putting a students future at stake because they weren't ready to take the necessary precautions and actions is unacceptable. Yes, it's wonderful the investigation is taking place...a big round of applause for that. But is that really the sole concern for a 12th grade student who has to prepare himself/herself for entrances. As  commerce students we don't get admissions as easily as the others..its solely dependent upon our merit! 

As Mrs.Karwal said "Whatever we are doing it is going to be in the favour of our students" like ma'am I'm extremely sorry to break it to you but none of what has taken place in the past couple days has been in our favor. Why put us through so much stress and pressure once again when what had happened was not even our fault. When will this country learn to punish only the people who have committed the crime instead of putting the people who are mere victims through tremendous stress . A year's worth of hard work and dedication has got us through the boards... its not fair to put us through that again. There are thousands and thousands of students on the streets protesting..they aren't doing it because they have ample amount of time. They are doing it because this is an issue which effects us and our future. A situation which has to be dealt with keeping in mind all aspects and perspectives of it. It would be a tremendous help to us if the re-exam is cancelled as it really isn't our fault. Yes those who have done it need to be punished but not us...please do kindly sign the petition and help us cancel the re-exam. You can't get the sound of a clap with a single hand it requires two...that being said it requires all of us to stand united to get what we want.