A big NO to the mathematics retest

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CBSE board came up with the old concept of full portion for the academic year 2017-18. Since our batch is the first one to face board exams and study a whole lot of chapters..it was a very tedious task. Despite this, students have worked hard for these exams as they play a major role in our life. We students have studied the entire year, day in and day out and with the extreme peer pressure of family and relatives , in a hope to score well and achieve a goal in life. 

It is extremely disappointing that due to carelessness of few to not take this matter serious, a whole lot of students suffer. WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY for someone else's fault and spoil our vacations.All the hardwork one puts in goes for a toss!

Also, when news of 12th papers getting leaked had come up, CBSE had denied this fact and now they state that papers are leaked. It is not right to make students write their exam again because precautionary measures were not taken.

Hence, I on the behalf of crores of students request you to take back your decision and consider the conditions of the sufferers.

Secondly, I request teachers, parents and students to sign this petition so that serious action can be taken not only for the FUTURE but also for the PRESENT!

Thank you