To battle the Existential crisis of the students of class tenth and twelfth.

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"To battle the Existential crisis of the students of class tenth and twelfth"
Hey my fellow farmers, It’s my honourable duty to inform you all that your efforts have no credibility, if you worked hard, someone or something will steer that away from you, whether that be in real life or well real life, it’s doesn’t even has to be your fault.
It’s hard not to be explicit in this context, but i guess that’s out of syllabus.
Because we have been “respectfully” taken advantage of, why do we have to suffer for the incompetence of the CBSE department? I know, they’re all humans, humans can make mistakes but why should we pay for it when we worked our tears off barring ourselves from the outer world, cutting off from every human being to letting it all become a case of futility?
We’ve been taught time management, by the ironically subjects that we’ll have to “reappear” in. You know hundreds of people cheat, maybe the people sitting on the chair have also done that, but why are they ignoring the efforts of the students who have been smothered under peer pressure and have tried hard enough to grasp every concept of their prescribed subjects to get good marks, it’s not like we are going to be judged for the knowledge that we’ve bestowed with, our future’ll only last on the hit and trial method of luck, well because nobody studies for knowledge anyway, people cheat not because they want to but because of the poor education structure. People rather need to be taught on how to grasp knowledge than marks, and what are the odds of it not being leaked again? We’re just gonna work in this vicious cycle on death.
I heard that it was to make it “Fair” for the students, but you’re basically making students repay who studied their “backs” off, instead of making some efforts to find the culprits and crucify them. (Figuratively)
I didn’t even know that the paper leaked till my unlucky friend texted me, and i was reminiscent before that happened, remembering the beautiful details of me performing the paper, but the news ruined it for me, now i’ll stay in depression till they reveal the judgement day, please CBSE, think rationally. Poor 10th Class students only had 2 hours of joy maybe even less than that, and i still had to days, we all have our own lives, plans, so just move on, reexamination isn’t going to stop cheating or people taking advantage of each other, it’s just going to make matters worse. It’ll not fit a moral or ethical spurt into someone, it’ll actually just make them more reluctant to cheat. And to be honest, everyone now, and it’s rather sad that students opinion wasn’t even taken as a consideration, no one even complained so why is someone on the top taking decisions for us? Do we students not have rights? Hell we even get voting rights after eighteen, and even paytm has been banned for us unless we go against the law, but that’s not the point here.
The point here is that we’ve been played with, and we don’t like to be played with. We only like to play our playstations exclusively.
I feel like listening to metal. 
Thank you CBSE for wasting our time.