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CBSE has succesfully conducted accountancy examination (2017-18) for grade 12 on march 15th,2018. It is clear that CBSE is trying to increase the standard of the question paper. We all appreciate the efforts of CBSE for doing so. But accountancy syllabus is devided into 3 parts. Part A includes accounting for partnership firms and part B analysis of partnership firms and part C Company accounts. Part A has 8 chapters with almost each and every chapter having above 60 illustrations and as for part B, it includes 5 chapters and Part C contains about 3 chapter with all tricky standards. So it is very hard for each and every student to be thorough with each and every illustration. For this reason students refer to past papers and model papers to get an idea about the question paper. But this year the question paper was surprsing. If the board had announced that they are increasing the standard of the paper students and teachers could have prepared better. It was almost impossible to complete all the questions within 3 hours and most of the questions were very unexpected. In short the questions vere lengthy and tough. I can say 99% of students from my centre did not complete the paper. Now with all the good universities keeping their cut off percentages very high, how will all of us get into any of them? Therefore i request the CBSE authorities to take the necessary action.