CBSA: Deport a known murderer hiding in Canada

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Bozidar Vujicic, a convicted murderer from Bosnia, managed to be granted a visa, then a PR and citizenship under fraudulent means by failing to disclose his conviction for manslaughter. Mr. Vujicic fled Bosnia to avoid serving his sentence. He applied for and was granted first permanent residency, then citizenship by fraudulently claiming he was not convicted of any crimes.

MCI received a tip in 2009 and failed to issue a Supreme Court decision until 2018

This murderer was also allowed to start a Montenegrin Embassy, possibly engaging in more criminal activity under the guise of official goverment work

If not corrected and this man is not deported, this case will serve as an example of an open invitation for other criminals to flee to our country to avoid serving their time.

Federal court decision MCI vs Vujicic File number T-1689-14, judgement by The Honourable Mr. Justice O'Reilly