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CBS This Morning: Redact pseudoscience segment on profit-seeking Dr Gayatri Devi

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5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's Disease, and there are more than 15 million caregivers. My dad is just one of those 5.5 million, but there are expected to be as many as 16 million Americans with Alzheimer's by 2050. Why would the NIH and the Alzheimer's Association predict this growth if "exercising 30 minutes a day, three times a week and eating a Mediterranean diet could prevent 60% of Alzheimer's cases." This is what Dr. Gayatri Devi alleged on CBS This Morning and in her new book, Spectrum of Hope. 

My family and so many others have been fighting this disease and fundraising because according to credible sources like the Alzheimer's Association, there is NO PREVENTION and NO WAY TO SLOW PROGRESSION, which Dr. Devi says is a myth.

CBS, we will NEVER find a cure for Alzheimer's if you do not redact Dr. Devi's statements to make it clear that her statements are only opinions NOT science. For the real facts, talk to the Alzheimer's Association or the NIH. Do not talk to someone trying to profit from the suffering of millions of Americans trying to find hope in this hopeless disease. 

My father was a triathlete, a pilot, a lawyer, and an overall amazing dad. He was smart, funny, and kind. So I have never been more insulted or hurt by a morning news show than I was this morning. I wish Dr. Devi could meet my father in the dementia care facility he lives in and tell me that his disease was preventable or that his progress could have been slowed. 

Friends, please support this petition and a media that vets their guests and their work before misleading millions who watch these segments. 

TLDR: Dr. Devi went on CBS This Morning to profit off of her book which misleads millions into thinking Alzheimer's disease is preventable/can be stopped. CBS This Morning should redact these statements as to not mislead their viewers.  

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