CBS Stop Firing Soap Vets- Fire Mal Young

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Y&R was created by the brilliant William J Bell- the soap has had many different head writers in the past but none as good as it's originator William J. Bell and Edward J. Scott, who is also Melody Thomas Scott's husband. This show has been successful for 40+ years and the #1 Daytime soap because it has always been family based with core characters that fans have grown with over decades. Since Mal Young has taken over the helm the soap has lost hundreds of thousands of viewers and stopped winning at the Daytime Emmys. . Y&R fans have watched daily as it slips into a sex-crazed orgy fest- making swingers out of core characters like Nikki and Victor. Ashley and Nikki bedding a very young Ravi and Arturo and the list goes on. This soap has become smut in the afternoon with no real storylines! He is now messing with the core family characters trying to make fans believe Jack Abbott is not a real Abbott after 40 years!! He has now treaded on Soap Holy Ground!  Mal Young has basically changed all of William J. Bell's Y&R history and made it his own, he has hijacked Bell's legacy soap. Why is CBS allowing this? Young is now removing Y&R vets that have bonded with fans for over 40 years these loyal viewers don't even recognize the soap anymore- is this how CBS thanks their loyal viewers, by allowing Mal Young to destroy the foundation of this soap in 2 years? The recent firing of Doug Davidson seems to be the final straw with fans! Eric Braeden is taking a month "break" but is this the beginning of phasing Victor out?  Doug and Eric are both beloved soap characters and wonderful actors who love their YR fans very much! What is really going on CBS? Mal Young is only concerned about his own agenda and we the fans want to know why CBS is allowing this? If CBS plans on bringing in another talk show it will fail- CBS will LOSE a huge fan base! The fans want to be heard CBS SO SIT UP AND LISTEN!! SAVE THE CORE Families and save the Y&R Vets!! #FireMalYoung #SaveYR