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Revise the Star Trek Fan Films Guidelines to be fan friendly

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Paramount released the following set of guidelines for fan based productions.  Sadly, these guidelines, which grew out of the Axanar situation will reach far beyond that one production  These would affect nearly all fan based film and series.  In brief, it would destroy them and prevent the creation of others.  It's a long list, some that come to mind are Star Trek Continues, Star Trek the New Voyages, Star Trek: Equinox, and Star Trek Horizon.  These are only a sampling of the works that will be affected. 

I understand CBS/Paramount do not want others to profit from their intellectual properties.  That's a fair thing, Axanar was an unusual situation.  Where someone was trying to effectively make a for profit studio that used Star Trek as if it were their own licensed works.  However these guidelines rather than dealing with that problem.  Were an effective declaration of war on the entire fan base.  This is our way of asking you to stop CBS/Paramount.  Deal with the Axanar problem, don't take it out on the fan base at large. 

Right now a lot of people are angry and upset.  This is an effort to defuse the situation before both sides, fans and studios, get their backs up further.  Please join me in asking CBS Paramount to revise these guidelines.  There really only needs to be one, simple rule.  No fan production should be for profit.  Covering costs is fine.  Having to pay someone to work on it is also fine.  Folks do have lives and may need recompense for their time to make a good fan work.  In the end when production costs are met.  That's it, anything else is profit and no fan work should make profit. 

There you are, simple solution and one that doesn't destroy so much creative work.  Work that I might add helps keep Star Trek alive for a huge fan base.  Myself included in that.  I've been a fan since the early 80s.  Grew up watching this show with my father.  It meant something, unlike a lot of other shows at the time.  Something positive, and I'd like others to get to enjoy that. 

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