Remove Alex Kurtzman and Secret Hideout from all Star Trek Projects.

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The general tone of Kurtsman’s Star Trek is too bleak and political. Taking the optimist world of Star Trek and making it darker and more ‘real’ to make it more relevant misses the point of what made Star Trek great. It’s fine to explore that type of thing on an alien world, or a colony, but it should be through the lens of a truly optimistic version of what humanity aught to be striving for. Taking the utopia and seeing it fall might be interesting to explore, but having it all happen off screen is just lame. I get that they are trying to draw parallels to Brexit and Trump’s America, but the analogy fails because pre Brexit and pre Trump was not a Utopia but pre Picard in the TNG era it was. Pre Discovery in the post Enterprise era things were building into the utopia we see in TOS. 

Star Trek has always been political, but it always looked at both sides in an effort to convince you of the side if felt was right. It challenged you to think and was even sympathetic to the ‘wrong’ side whereas modern Trek doesn’t care to examine the side opposing it and just assumes they are irredeemable and makes no effort to draw them in.

Alex and his team doesn’t respect, care about, or understand Star Trek.