Remaster Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2

Remaster Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2

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Star Trek: Elite Force was released on September 15th, 2000. The game ended up being both a critical success for and profitable for Activision, which drew in $15 million and sold 300,000 copies by 2003.

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 was released on the June 20th, 2003, which was a sequel to the aforementioned ST: Elite Force and received a meta-critic of 78/100

With the current improvements in hardware, a lot of publishers have gone back to remastering and remaking their older games and introducing them to a new audience. These games both turned out to be a profit for the companies that licensed and produced them and the games were well received by the fans as the setting took place between the series of Star Trek: Voyager and after the events of the movie Star Trek: Nemesis. The multiplayer was very unique and popular among fans and the game had the capacity to be modified for a unique experience 

Unfortunately, these games have almost been forgotten about, and have not aged that well due to the technical limitations of the early 2000s as well as only being released on the PlayStation 2 console and the PC. It is impossible to pick these games up using a gaming store online which means copies are scarce, again limiting the distribution to only physical formats. (second-hand copies). Although copies have become hard to pick up, the game is still loved and played today by many fans.

A remaster of both of these games has the potential of updating the graphical and technical models of the game as well as the possibilities of adding new star trek content through DLC. The upside of a remaster is that with all of the online stores and consoles that exist today, the game would have a far-reaching audience that the games could not have reached on their initial release date. At the time of this petition, star trek fans do not have many games that are easily accessible and these would be great games to "test the waters" to see if star trek fans are up for remasters.