Put Sam Myerson on contract as Leo on the Bold and the Beautiful CBS

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As an avid viewer and supporter of the CBS Daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful, and a fan of Jacqueline Macinnes Wood, one of the biggest stars of the show, I believe CBS/Bold and the Beautiful should put Sam Myerson on contract as Leo. Sam Myerson appeared on the show on Friday, November 2nd. He and Steffy have undeniable chemistry as Leo and Steffy. That chemistry should not be ignored. Jacqueline Macinnes Wood has not had a storyline or love interest that has been compelling since the end of Steam, her relationship with Liam Spencer, portrayed by Scott Clifton. Fans of the show have been singing Sam's praises since they learned of him coming to the show. He already has a slew of supporters and fans and has received so much positive feedback. He has gained popularity among Bold and the Beautiful viewers in such a short time. I speak, I believe, for the majority of Bold and the Beautiful fans when I say we want him on contract. Only CBS can make this happen. We are pleading with you to put Sam Myerson on contract as Leo. Let viewers get the chance to see where a Leo and Steffy pairing could lead.

Thank you!