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CBS "Passport For Sale" 60 Minute Interview Retraction

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In an interview aired by CBS NEWS "60 Minute" Dated January 1st 2017, the mega news house did a piece entitled "PASSPORT FOR SALE".  Not only did the media house brought light on the Citizenship by investment program which is used widely around the world.  CBS went on to use OLD statistics from the year 2014 for the Island of St Kitts & Nevis & other Caribbean Island.  The CBS program looked at the PAST problems of the program in SKN & other islands without looking at the tremendous reforms made in the past 2 years 

When we implemented the recommendations of the IPSA report, overhauled the CIU, made legislative amendments and instituted additional layers of due diligence and security. We have even undertaken a "look back" subjecting past successful applicants to new due diligence tests. Our PM has reported to the Parliament and the Nation on numbers of passports issued and other details. First time this has ever happened. Applicants now go through additional layers of security screening including screening by the JRCC in Barbados to which the US government contributes. We have actually cancelled passports issued to persons who later turn out to be problematic.

CBS failed to mention that in SKN citizens of Iran, Syria and Afghanistan cannot apply to our program. This is currently unique to the SKN program. CBS touted the obvious falsehood that Chris Kalin invented the CBI program. In fact our program was the first in the world and invented an entire new global industry in 1984. Our programs is over 30 years old while Mr Kalin's involvement dates back a decade or so.

Most egregiously, CBS gave a negative broad brush of Caribbean CBI programs but interestingly completely ignored identical approaches to citizenship or residence by investment or fast track citizenship programs practiced in EU countries such as Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and in the USA and Canada. It was a deliberate policy for example why rich Hong Kong Chinese were wooed to Briish Colombia by the Canadian government. Even now the US EB5 visa program is helping a construction boom in Miami. Yes you can invest in the US and get a green card and fast track to citizenship. Did CBS miss all this?

Real investigative journalism would have given us a true picture of the global industry which SKN started 3 decades ago.

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