New creative leadership and a return to balanced story telling on Bold and the Beautiful

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Under the creative leadership of Bradley Bell, The Bold and the Beautiful has suffered. The once balanced and nuanced soap opera has devolved into a one-sided, rewritten and whitewashed tribute to the Brooke Logan character (and the Logans in general at the expense of all others). The character of Taylor Hamilton Forrester in particular has been destroyed, as have her children and her romantic legacy with Ridge Forrester. She has been turned from a brilliant, kind, dignified and loving wife, mother and doctor, to a shrill, shrieking harpy who shoots people in the back- with no build up or even a hint of mental instability in the character's history.

Solution: New leadership. The removal of Bradley Bell as Head Writer and Executive Producer or the naming of a co-Head Writer & Executive Producer. The restoration of the established history of B&B and the retconning of character assassinating plots such as:

1. The destruction of Taylor's character (alcoholism, promiscuity and shooting Bill), the destruction and erasure of the Tridge legacy to prop up and confirm Bridge and the whitewashing of Brooke's past
2. Darla, Phoebe and Aly's deaths
3. The embryo switch which caused Taylor to become pregnant with Brooke's child
4. The emasculation of Bill and the Bill/Brooke Romance
5. Ridge being Massimo's son.
6. Psychotic Thomas
7. Bill & Steffy's illicit affair. It was just an excuse for Bradley Bell to force a Hope/Liam reunion down our throats!

Every effort also should be made to bring Ronn Moss back as Ridge Forrester. Thorsten Kaye is a fine actor but he is badly miscast as Ridge. Thorsten exudes a traditional kind of masculinity, while Ridge's masculinity is more modern: it's cosmopolitan and elegant- think Cary Grant, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ralph Lauren. If Ronn will not return, may I suggest:
Paul Satterfield (who incidentally appeared on B&B)
Tuc Watkins
Bradley Cole
Grant Show
Paolo Seganti (if he can lose his accent)
Shawn Christian
Robert Kelker-Kelly
Dan Gauthier
Timothy Adams