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Bring Old Back

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To the CBS Interactive management:

In last 13 years, we've been a loyal community of users. This website became something truly unique. It lost the battle with the streaming services, but it became something else. The best way to show your music taste online. No other website can do this - streaming services aren't really good at this, and there's no other serious competitor out there. But what decided about the success of is its community. The groups here grew long before it was cool, before Facebook, Twitter and all the others social networks. We were really together.

In last months, you decided to shake up a bit former website. It's really interesting, because you didn't actually add any really wanted features (speaking on my own, I was hoping for scrobbles editor, but everyone here would add something). You removed some of the fuctionality (we don't even know what exactly, the final effect isn't different from beta version, so it might change) and you changed the layout drastically. The overwhelming majority of the users were against these changes and showed it, commenting ruthlessly every update on the forum. But you completely ignored these voices. If you looked carefully, there was a project of making new layout more friendly for old users, with leaving most of the old functionality in peace. You ignored it as well.

This is the way to kill this website, isn't it? Are you sure that making ALL the users  (I'm not exaggerating) annoyed will help you in anything? We loved It was an important part of our every day's life. We don't really want to leave this website.

Bring the whole old look & functionality back. Or - if you don't think you can make profit of it anymore - sell it. I'm sure you will find a customer, who will appreciate a loyal fanbase better than you.


Yours sincerely

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