Hawaii Five-0 Was Cancelled. We as Fans Need to Change That!

Hawaii Five-0 Was Cancelled. We as Fans Need to Change That!

March 2, 2020
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Started by Nick Roy

As a fan of Hawaii Five-0 hearing about this sudden end to the series in my mind is slap in the face to the millions upon millions of fans across the globe. Hawaii Five-0 has been a profit generator with stellar ratings as a Friday night anchor. I would think that everyone involved would do everything possible to keep the show going. Apparently, not enough creative juices were flowing. There was no mention that this series was going to end. In fact, there were hints that there would be a season 11 with talks of a new series regular in the news. You know…that guy that played Billy Colton on MacGyver. Well, I guess that ain’t happening.

So, what I hear is that Alex O’Loughlin has been suffering from a serious back injury for some time now as a result of doing his own stunts early on in the series. He’s now 43, and those ailments coming back to haunt him. Believe me, I know the feeling of injuries. I have back injuries and knee problems that stem from my days playing football. There was talk that he wanted to walk away two seasons ago as a result of these injuries. Since then, he has been taking a less active role as a series regular but the amount of stunts on the show has decreased.

I personally would have at least loved to see this show get either a season 11 to end gracefully, or get to the coveted 300 episode milestone and bring it to an end. At 240 episodes, this show is oh so close.

Let’s explore this.

Season 10 introduced a new character that we thought would end up being the new big bad. That was the wife of the late WoFat.

So here are two alternatives.

First, CBS could have renewed for a season 11 and created a storyline that focused on the new big bad in town and then culminated in a two-hour series finally. At the beginning of season 11, it could be advertised that this would be the final season. Thus, ending the show gracefully and with respect and class.

The second alternative would be to develop that storyline of the new big bad that I just talked about, and get it to 300 episodes and bring it to an end at that time. 300 episodes is a milestone in and of itself enjoyed by very few shows. Obviously, this would be my favorite alternative.

Regardless of the alternative, Alex O’Loughlin’s character would still be a series regular but running everything behind a desk. His character has a team that is well capable of solving crimes by themselves. Tom Seleck’s character on Blue Bloods is always seen behind a desk. He never gets out in the field because he is in charge of the entire NYPD. The same could be for Alex O’Loughlin’s character on Hawaii Five-0.

I still think that we as fans could get CBS to reconsider and renew this series for a more gracious ending that this show deserves. One with more respect and class. Maybe we need to do a petition. I don’t know. What do you think?

Don’t you think that this would have been the best way to bring an end to the series? Do you think that Alex O’Loughlin’s character, Steve McGarrett could ride a desk as a series regular on Hawaii Five-0 to keep the show going at least to 300 episodes? Let me know in the comments below.

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