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Have Steve Colbert fired for his Nazi salute

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As the grandson to a Hungarian-born Jew, that lost a sister and other family to the Nazis, I find it highly offensive that the Late Show host Steve Colbert would execute a "Roman salute" (used by the Nazis) thinking it was comical. It is demeaning to Jewish people, and any decent human being, and it belittles the seriousness of the vile history of the National German Workers Socialist Party. His disregard for the sensitivity is anti-Semitic, as much as it would be racist had he spurted the n-word, proves his show and his viewers that are not outraged are moral degenerates. He does not belong in front of a camera misrepresenting the tragic history of the Holocaust just to get a laugh. Comparing a Republican personality to the genuine Nazi Party marginalizes the seriousness of the atrocity, and fuels division and hatred that we've already seen lead to radicalization and violence.

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