Have CBS agree to make a new Star Trek show that is not a re-imagining as Discovery is.

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Star Trek Discovery may or may not be an ok show, but it is Star Trek in name only.

As fans of the TV series and Movies that have come before, this show that clearly cannot fit at all in the Star Trek universe, not the Prime, nor any temporally altered branch such as the Kelvin Timeline, it is unlike all other Star Treks before a total re-imagining that stands on it's own as a separate entity, it's differences are huge and cannot be overlooked, this is a total reworking and without an assurance it isn't the end of what we love, an insult to the fans..  It is also a substantially different type of show besides the races and technology and history being totally unrecognizable, it is not trying to be what Star Trek was primarily about.

To give Discovery a chance to be appreciated for what it is and not hatred, the murdered of a beloved franchise, I ask CBS agree to make at some point in the future a prime timeline show that takes place after DS9 and Voyager, that lives up to the spirit of Star Trek (Stars & space, Trekking/Discovering, Futuristic )forward looking), Utopian, A moral to the story, inspirational) and advances the Star Trek technology and designs as expected.

Please commit to making a new Star Trek.  Additional Tip, Captains should be commanding (as much as Bakula is loved, he wasn't right), that and being set in the past were the biggest issues with Enterprise.





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