DEMAND CBS REMOVE the Word "FAMILY" from Family Feud, Call it "The Feud" by Chief Lacewell

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     This Petition is addressed directly toward the producers of the HIDEOUS new version of the Family Feud Show hosted by the over-played, over hyped, urban club comedian known to us as Steve Harvey. If you're ignorant, childish and uneducated in social edicate then you are bond to love the new show Steve host. But if you're not and you're above lude, flat, senseless, unplaced sexual humor, then you Will NOT and HAVE NOT enjoyed this Disgrace to History. If you watch Family Feud for fun questions on reality, then you're sadly mistaken if you're seeking it in this sex bond, lust driven show hosted by Harvey. This show is filled with clown dressed male guest and spanx slut dressed, breast revealing females. A far cry from the dignified, wholesome, decent citizen families in search of a fun family time, playing a game with a hopeful cash reward for knowledgeable guesses on other common sense guesses.

          This urban based version of family sex games sold at sex shops for the freak in you, is solely directed toward the ignorant, uneducated and unsocially ethical viewers. Since 2015 the failing Johnson Co. incorporated a new concept to the famously known FAMILY show and the game show world, when it decided to use the hype and momentum of the growing viral videos pushed by those who love stupid, ignorant things and call them humor. The 2 clips fore-mentioned are from the Steve Harvey version of Family Feud, there sole purpose of going viral was not due to their humor or an incident. NO.. it was because of the extremely sexually explicit jokes, if you can call them jokes. We prefer to call them what they are, "dirty trash talk".

          In one of these fowl clips. Steve Harvey asked a Contestant to " Name the last thing you stuck your fnger in. " {the question itself is lude and directive to a lude and profound answer, this is purposely by the current creators} And yet the Contestant answered the previous question by stating, "My Wife.!" Stevey Harvey "the So Called Host" laughed at the statement and then told the Contestant {who's name was Kevin}. Havery said, " Kev, I had a lot og good answers, That was my favorite answer of all time" Then Harvey quickly added by saying, "Don't do that anymore". Ironically Harvey meant this statement to encourage more lude answers from quest and yet 90% of Original True Family Feud Fans were of the exact thought but differently viewed. The Decades and Decades of Fans of The Family Feud REALLY MEANT "DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE" Don't say nasty crap like that EVER AGAIN on a FAMILY SHOW.!

          The second clip that went so called viral is just as ignorant and lude, a clip in which a Female Contestant says aloud as an answer, the word "PENIS". They say she just said it without thought, we viewers have said and continue to say, "LUDE NASTY TALK, ISN'T THINKING AT ALL. IT'S JUST UNEDUCATED LUDE JABBER of those who know better". But this was not the react from the creators of this new version or it's host Steve Harvey. Nope, to the contrary the now host Harvey just pretended to be shocked as he stood silent for 2 or 3 seconds. Not out of shame or discuss, put merely for comedic purposes as he does on every single thing he does and host. This is a Harvey style, the show is 100% directed toward Harvey's comedic styles and all the questions are directed toward his comedy sets and sense of humor. All contestant questions are 100% directed toward the audience of the KINGS OF COMEDY tour.

          Immediately after the format was changed from a family based show to an urban ghetto gameshow fans of the tradition based show RANTED that the show was too RACY.

          This historic and iconic game show known for captivating family audiences since 1976, this spinoff of the Match Game was extremely popular. Created by the amazing Mark Goodson and hosted by the legendary Richard Dawson as it was aired on ABC. This was the prime years of Family Feud before it's unfortunate mishaps on the now CBS network. A network with one specific mindset and no censorship worthy of civility. Though they have had a history of great host on CBS from Ray Combs, who commited suicide and host such as Louie Anderson who introduced the prize hike from 10,000 to 20,000. As well as Home Improvements Richard Karn and Seinfeld star John O'Hurley who did a suitable job hosting the infamous gameshow. CBS even substained a great bump when the late great Richard Dawson return for one year and yet CBS has absolutely no clue. They have found it more profitable to sale-out to the age old saying "sex sales" instead of holding a form of standards brought to you by special shows like Family Feud use to be. Strong family fun educational gameshows like, Family Feud (use to be), The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Name that Tune, and the legendary Jeopardy. The new uncensored producer Gaby Johnston is just another problem in a system of uncensered problems we as American Citizens are being forced to watch, since they control every network and every show on those networks.. all but Fox!

             After hundreds and hundreds of thousands of complaints to the deaftone network a demand is in need to allott a suitable and respectable solution for all. They must remember there would be no show to ruin, if the original viewers didn't keep their loyalties to the show's history. Old versions of the Family Feud are more popular with regular viewers than any other show and yet the network is only interested in it's New "here today, gone tomorrow" fan base. Thereby forcing the American Citizens to apply a new form of complaint, THEIR FORM of complaint, only known as and only accepted as PETITIONS.

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