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Cancel your new series, The Briefcase

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At Open Our Eyes, we believe in the importance of community and coming together to make our voices mean something. "The Briefcase" is the latest assault in America's war on poor people. We are calling for CBS to pull the show from its listings.

"On Wednesday, CBS aired the first episode of their new series The Briefcase. The show follows struggling American families who are suddenly given $101,000 and a choice: They can either keep the money or give some or all of it to another needy family.

To further increase the awkward tension, families are given information about the other needy strangers they could be helping and are forced to consider whose lives are more worthy of assistance.

Classy stuff.

CBS's decision to literally profit off impoverished Americans is more than just a story of corporate greed, but rather something tragically reflective of the times. Income inequality in the United States has soared in recent years, reaching levels not seen since 1928. Meanwhile, with living costs up and median household income now lower than in 1999, more and more people are struggling to get by. As a result, show like The Briefcase become painfully more relevant." - Click here for full article.

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