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Broadcast or Upload the Survivor Cagayan FULL intro theme

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Over the past few years the Survivor theme has been pushed further out of the show and this season is the first season where Russ landau (The oringinal composer of the Anceint Voices theme) is not with the show. Vanacore music (Another Composing company that works for Survivor) has made a beautiful theme for this season but it has yet to be shared with the fans. For the past 6 weeks soon to be 7 the fans have only seen a shortened into for this season. This has been not only dissappointing to the fans but seems very unfair to the Creators, Composers, Videographers and Editors of the theme and their hard work and dedication to this part of the show. Their work should be showcased if not every episode then at least half, For CBS and the fans to show their appreciation to this iconic piece. Please sign AND SHARE this petition to show CBS that the fans care about the intro and want the show to either brodcast the intro during the episodes this season or to upload it to their youtube channel for Survivor to have this theme get the appreciation it deserves for this season and for future seasons.

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