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one of my favorite show of all time and it was only 6 episode.

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One of my favourite show of all time and it was only 6 episodes.
So I woke up, bright and early thinking it’s going to be a good day, sun is shining birds are chirping. Since I couldn't watch partner yesterday I decide that, what I will do before I go work is to watch partners online. What do you know no episode, I think to myself maybe there just skipping a week, so I decided to check their wiki page and I see this message
“On November 16, 2012, CBS announced that Partners had been cancelled. Within days, the show's page was removed from the CBS website and the nominated show was removed from the People's Choice Awards online ballot.”
Heart scattered!
My theory is that homophobic viewers started to complain like what they did for the new normal and tried to take down the show. But instead of standing strong like nbc ,cbs gave in and cancelled. No other explanation the views and ratings was OK and didn't drop dramatically.
i am writing to you so can start our show back or sell it to another channel.

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